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The APK program offers two optional specializations to align with trends in the physiology and kinesiology field and help students gain a deeper understanding of their specific areas of interest. For each specialization, students are required to take a specific set of courses which satisfy either the core or elective requirements for the master’s degree.

Students can choose from these specializations:

Athlete Development

Athlete Development The Athlete Development specialization is ideal for students interested in working directly with athletes to help them develop as a whole person in the context of an athletic career. This emerging area of expertise has tremendous potential to benefit both athletes and those who want to help them with matters including financial literacy, professionalism and behavior, and career development. The specialization also gives students the opportunity to meet the academic requirements for certification through the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS). For more information including a course breakout, click here.

Integrative Strength and Conditioning Science

Integrative Strength and Conditioning Science The Integrative Strength and Conditioning Science specialization is made for students interested in learning how to design evidence-based periodized training programs that improve athleticism, while also ensuring safety. Through specialized courses, professionals deepen their understanding and application of bioenergetics, nutrition, and corrective exercise strategies. Paired with the core coursework in physiology and kinesiology, this unique specialized path prepares students to train athletes and correct impairments. To learn more about the Integrative Strength and Conditioning Science curriculum, click here.

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